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AZEK Pavers® contribute more toward LEED® certification than any other paver in the market. A superior alternative to concrete permeable pavers, AZEK Pavers combined with an open-graded base can reduce runoff-generating impervious cover and decrease the rate and quantity of runoff. Paver joints are filled with small stones and independently tested at an infiltration rate of over 12192 mm per hour.

Using a patented grid system that dramatically reduces installation time, AZEK Pavers takes the frustration and difficulty out of manually setting and aligning heavy concrete pavers.

AZEK Pavers are the first composite material in the world made almost entirely of recycled content with the physical strength, durability and natural appearance which makes it suitable for use in most residential applications as an alternative to concrete. Composite masonry utilizes up to 95% post-consumer recycled materials (scrap tires and plastics), requires 94% less energy and releases 96% less carbon dioxide than the manufacturing of concrete pavers.


Slip-resistant and manufactured with spacer lugs that are engineered to maintain a precise 6.985 mm space between pavers. This ensures that AZEK Composite Permeable Pavers can be installed according to ADA Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities (ADAAG) #302.3, which calls for such spaces to be no greater than one-half inch wide. 

  • Available in three colors
  • Infiltration rate: more than 12192 mm per hour
  • Installed over open-graded subbase
  • Applications: parking lots, walkways, entryways, patios, driveways, other low speed vehicular applications
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Permeable Paver Sizes:

  • 101.6 mm x 203.2 mm

Color Options:

  • Redwood
  • Boardwalk
  • Waterwheel

Paver Grid Options:

  • 406.4 mm x 406.4 mm Standard

Combined height of Paver and Grid is 60.452 mm

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